How make ordinary thank you cards look extra special

There is more to the practice of sending out thank you cards than just signing it, addressing it, sticking a stamp on it and getting it into a mailbox. If you really want your thank you cards to stand out from the crowd, there are many things you can do to give them a special touch.

If you know a little calligraphy, adding this fancy writing style to your thank you cards can be an extra special touch. If you don’t, you can still enhance them by choosing from different writing instruments in a variety of colors. Gel pens will give a different look from standard ink pens.

You can also help your thank you cards stand out by sealing them with wax. This was how envelopes were sealed historically, before the invention of modern glues that do the trick more easily, but with less style. This can help give it personality even before it is opened. Find more Thank you cardsĀ

Choosing specialty postage stamps to cover the cost of mailing your thank you cards can be a thoughtful touch at no added expense. They cost the same as generic stamps, but come in a variety of styles. Floral stamps are often a nice touch, but you can also go with whatever appeals to you, depending on what is available.

If you have poor handwriting, you can enhance your thank you cards by using a computer to print the address on the envelope. This is not only more attractive, it has the practical benefit of making sure the post office can read the address without a problem.

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If you really want to get fancy, you can even add physical detailing to your thank you cards such as glitter or decorative stamps. But, this can take some practice to get right. When done badly, it can look garish and like it came from a five year old. You probably don’t want to overdo it.

I most cases, you want thank you cards to be dignified. Going overboard with the extra details can come across as clownish. But, a few carefully chosen extra flourishes can help them more strongly express just how much you really appreciated what someone did for you. It can be the difference between a card that looks like it was sent out mere dutiful obligation and a card that really speaks volumes about the sincere, heartfelt feelings behind your words of gratitude.